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Guest Entertainment.

Guest entertainment is a crucial factor in happiness in the hospitality industry. By using the right technologies and solutions, hotels can create an unforgettable experience for their guests and thus enhance their offering. We provide systems that help hotels provide their guests with an exceptional entertainment experience. In the following we present our solutions and the associated advantages.

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Digital Signage.

Digital signage offers numerous possible applications, be it as a visitor guidance system for conference areas, information displays for employees or as a digital advertising medium. We see it as our responsibility to support you right from the planning phase and to offer you a system tailored to your needs. The choice of suitable software also plays an important role.


Alternative data transmission.

Modern communications infrastructures rely heavily on network technologies to ensure high performance and reliability. A proven technology for efficiently building fast and reliable networks is technology. This uses either existing coaxial cables or twisted pair cables, also known as 2-wire cables. EoC uses existing coaxial cables, often available in older buildings, to enable high-speed Internet connections. Twisted pair technology, on the other hand, uses the traditional telephone line in existing buildings. 


Headend solutions

TV receiving systems.

The distribution of TV signals in different facilities requires careful planning and the use of appropriate technologies such as headend technology. There are two different technologies: Coax headend technology and IP headend technology. While coax headends use traditional coaxial cable technology, IP headends use more modern IP technology. In this article, we will take a look at both technologies and examine their advantages and disadvantages.

Marketing & Communication.

Creativity with accuracy.

And we can do that too - marketing. Our focus is on the creation and development of tailor-made content as well as the development of well-thought-out concepts that fit perfectly into our customers' corporate design. In addition to our expertise in digital signage, we offer a wide range of marketing solutions to maximize the visibility and impact of your brand. Trust our professionalism and creativity to take your marketing to the next level.

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