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Digital Signage

In today's digital era, the way companies communicate with their customers is crucial. Digital signage is a revolutionary technology that takes visual communication to a whole new level. Whether as a digital advertising medium, visitor guidance system for conference areas or information displays for employees - we specialize in creating holistic, tailor-made and individual solutions.

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Display solutions

Provision of information: Used to provide relevant information. Content can be easily updated and customized to ensure attendees always have the latest information.

Presentation of sponsors and exhibitors: Can be used to showcase sponsors and exhibitors and display their logos and promotional messages. This provides an opportunity to foster partnerships and build relationships.

Interactive content: May provide interactive content that engages participants and can provide them with a personalized experience. These include, for example, interactive maps, question and answer tools or live streaming of events.

Direction: Can be used to direct attendees to different venues, rooms and sessions. Signage can be updated and customized to ensure attendees always know where to go.

Branding: Can be used to promote the conference or organizer's brand. The content can be aligned with the branding and thus ensure a consistent and professional presentation.

Sustainability: Reduce the need for physical promotional materials and thereby minimize your environmental footprint.

LED walls

Large format display: LED walls enable a large-scale display of digital content that can be seen from afar and attract attention. This is particularly effective in high-traffic areas such as shopping malls, airports or stadiums.

flexibility: Can be made in different sizes and shapes to adapt to the space available and the design of the environment. Digital signage can be played on an LED wall in an uninterrupted loop, or multiple content can be displayed simultaneously.

Interactive content: Can provide interactive content that can engage participants and provide them with a personalized experience. This includes, for example, interactive maps, QR codes, social media feeds or live streaming of events.

Dynamic content: LED walls offer the opportunity to display dynamic and animated content that can engage viewers' interest and attract attention. This is particularly effective for promoting products and services or drawing attention to current offers or promotions.

Cost savings: Can typically be more cost effective over the long term than other digital signage options as they are durable and energy efficient. The LED technology is also very robust and withstands the stresses of daily operation, which means that maintenance costs can be reduced.

Personalization: Digital signage on LED walls can provide personalized content tailored to specific audiences or events. This allows messages to be communicated in a targeted and effective manner to achieve the desired results.

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endiso SIGN

Our content management system for real-time communication.

An extremely affordable and incredibly user-friendly solution that allows people to display their content on their screens in just a few minutes.


Because it's cloud-based, all content and screen management is done remotely, making it easy to reliably control screens in multiple locations.


Show content like images, videos and data dashboards quickly and easily on your displays.

Hundreds of ready-to-use layout templates and royalty-free media make template design easy.

Easy to use

Free third-party apps to display external content quickly and easily.


A highly affordable and competitive pricing model.


Easily upload images, audio or video formats. Word, PowerPoint and PDF files are also supported.


Preconfigured players enable quick and problem-free use. Where players are needed.


Highest enterprise-grade security, including SSL, firewall and password policies.

Remote Support

Enjoy hassle-free troubleshooting with free remote technical support.

Marketing & Communication

In the world of digital signage, content is king. An impressive display is only as good as the content it presents. At endiso we understand this and go one step further. In addition to first-class digital signage solutions, we also offer the creation of individual and tailor-made content that is tailored precisely to the needs and wishes of our customers.

Our approach is holistic: We accompany you from the first idea through the concept to the finished content. We implement your vision with care, creativity and technical expertise to ensure your message is delivered clearly, engagingly and effectively.

We will create a tailor-made concept for your digital signage.

We create individual content and layouts for you, of course in your branding.

We finalize the creative and technical process. The end product (image, video, etc.) is used to attract attention.

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