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Headend solutions

Headend technology is an important element in the delivery of television signals in residential buildings, hotels and other establishments. It enables the distribution of TV signals to a large number of end devices and is therefore a decisive factor for guest entertainment. Coax headends and IP headends are two different technologies that can be used. Coax headends use traditional coax cable technology, while IP headends use more modern IP technology. In the following you will get more detailed insights into this.  

Coax headend

The ideal headends for many occasions - different versions, empty housings to equip yourself or fully equipped and pre-programmed, easy to use, plug & Play. Suitable for adjacent channels, freely selectable output channels.

coaxkopfstellen (1)_edited.jpg

IPTV headend

The ultimate choice when a reliable system solution is required, e.g. in hospitals or hotels. An HTML5 user interface guarantees easy installation, remote maintenance and system monitoring via SNMP. With the PID management of the TDX Black Edition, program changes can be made without resetting the TV sets.

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