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Guest Entertainment

Guest entertainment is an important aspect of the hospitality industry and a significant factor in guest satisfaction. The use of the right technologies and solutions lead to a real guest experience and make the stay something very special. With our innovative technology and wide range of services, we help hotels to offer their guests an outstanding entertainment experience. In the following we will show you these solutions and the resulting advantages.

Casting Solution

Ease of use: Easy to use, Chromecast allows users to cast content from mobile devices or computers to the TV without the need for a wired connection.

Wide Compatibility: Chromecast is compatible with a wide range of devices and applications, including iOS and Android devices, as well as various streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify.

Low cost: Chromecast is typically less expensive than other streaming devices on the market while still offering high quality and a wide range of features.

High quality: Chromecast enables streaming of high-quality content, including 4K resolution and Dolby Atmos sound.

Flexibility: With Chromecast, users can not only cast content from their devices to the TV, but also mirror the screen of the computer or mobile device to the TV. This allows users to enjoy a variety of applications and services on the big screen.

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Cloud-based system solutions

Flexibility:Cloud-based hotel TV system solutions offer a high degree of flexibility in the management and provision of content, as they are easily scalable and allow a large number of devices and applications to be integrated.

User friendliness: The cloud-based hotel TV systems are easy to use and can be controlled via an intuitive user interface. This allows the hotel to implement the services quickly and guests can easily navigate the available services.

Personalization: Cloud-based hotel TV systems enable the hotel to offer personalized services to meet the specific requirements and needs of the guests. For example, the solutions can include special menus, information about local attractions or personalized TV channels.

Cost effectiveness: Cloud-based hotel TV system solutions can reduce operating costs because they are based on a central platform and therefore require less hardware and infrastructure.

Scalability: The cloud-based hotel TV systems are scalable and can be adapted to the growing needs of the hotel. This means that the hotel can always add additional features and services to meet guests' needs.

Smart hotel TV

Personalization: Smart hotel TV systems can provide personalized services to meet guests' specific requirements and needs. For example, guests can use the TV to order food and drinks, explore local attractions, or check their bill.

Interactivity: Smart hotel TV systems allow guests to interact with the hotel in an interactive way, for example by giving feedback or asking questions. This increases guest satisfaction and makes it easier for the hotel to respond quickly to requests.

Efficiency: Smart hotel TV systems can make hotel operations more efficient by automating certain tasks, such as monitoring room occupancy or turning devices on and off.

Entertainment: Hotel Smart TV systems can offer a variety of entertainment options including live TV, streaming services, video-on-demand and gaming. Guests can easily access a variety of content that matches their interests and preferences.

Security: Smart hotel TV systems can help improve hotel security, for example by providing safety and evacuation information or restricting access to certain areas.

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