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About us

From its roots in Bavaria to its blossoming on the Moselle – the history of endiso GmbH is a journey of transformation.

Founded as Dinzl IT GmbH in Ansbach/Germany, the company looks back on over fifteen years of history, in which innovation and customer orientation have always been the focus. At the heart of this development is Oliver Sauer, who took the reins after four years of crucial work at Dinzl Systems. A new chapter began with the takeover and change of name to endiso GmbH at the beginning of 2023: a step that not only changed the name but also the location of the company. Today, endiso GmbH is proudly located in Föhren, in the dynamic IRT industrial park in the Trier region of Germany.

As a specialist in the hospitality sector, we support hotels, hospitals and nursing homes with modern equipment with TV systems and digital conference signage or digital advertising displays. We also use alternative network technologies to support the cost-effective retrofitting of existing buildings with Ethernet over Coax. Our customers include companies from the hospitality sector as well as from the classic B2B industry. Specialist companies also use our know-how and get advice from us in this regard.

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IT business with passion.

Hello, I'm Oliver Sauer and the owner of endiso GmbH. Nice to meet you here. I have been in the industry for over 15 years and appreciate the changing technology. Staying up to date is a basic requirement for our industry, which I naturally incorporate into the expertise I give my customers. The aim here is to solve technical challenges and show creative solutions to the constantly changing requirements in the course of digitization. And our customers appreciate that! Do you want to know more? I'm here for you. 

Our Reason Why

Pleasure in the job
puts perfection in the work.

Yes, those are meaningful words. Only if you put your heart and soul into it and enjoy working and working together is a constant companion, then you can make things happen and see good results. And if things don't go quite so smoothly, our credo is "If the day gives you lemons, make lemonade out of it".


With this in mind - get to know us and get in touch with us. We look forward to you!

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